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Xenonlamp.nl is a company specialized in selling LED, halogen and xenon lighting. We sell both to car dealers as well as customers throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.

At the moment we have more then 40 resellers in Belgium and the Netherlands. However, we can sell to car dealers and customers from other countries as well. Beside online shopping, customers can also visit us at our head office in Sittard, The Netherlands. Furthermore, if customers would like to, we can assemble the lamps. 

Our dedicated team consists of

- Erno Bindels, owner

- Jorma Bindels, IT manager

- Ivo Koppes, Webshop development

- Patrick Janssen, Logistic employee

- Dimitri Reynders, Warehouse employee

- Jorg Collaris, Project employee

Together we want to make every customer a happy customer by bringing some bright lights in the dark nights...


Canbus LED dimlicht - H7 - 6000k

Low Beam Canbus LED - H7 6000k

Part of the X-Line product series, these bulbs can be mounted as Low Beam, High Beam and Fog Light. The bulbs are provided with original Philips Luxeon Z ES LumiLEDs. The installation is Plug 'Play, so no need to adjust the current headlight unit. The light output is 5800 lumen

€ 139,- / £ 120,-

Canbus LED H7 Dimlicht 4000 Lumen

Low Beam Canbus LED - H7 4000 lumen

These X-Line bulbs are provided with original Philips Luxeon Z ES LumiLEDs. These lights are designed to replace your low beam halogen bulbs with state of the art LED lights. With a light output of 4000 lumen these are amongst the best lights available in the after market segment.

€ 109,- / £ 94,-


X-Line Canbus LED W5W Ice Blue Platinum Series

W5W-T10 City Lights. Often used in combination with LED or Xenon Low Beam bulbs. They can also be used as interior lighting. Canbus edition, so no errors on the board computer

€ 24,95 / £ 21,58


X-Line 6 HighPower Canbus 2.0 LED

These W5W-T10 bulbs are a good choice to upgrade your city lights, license plate lights or interior lights.

The Canbus 2.0 edition will avoid all board computer error messages.

€ 22,95 / £ 19,84


X-Line Canbus LED H11 50w

Perfect fit to replace your original yellow fog lights with these X-Line Canbus LED Fog Lights replacement bulbs. Thanks to the clear white color, it will give your car a nice upgrade. 2 bulbs per package

€ 47,95 / £ 41,43

Canbus LED dagrijverlichting T20 W21/5w geschikt voor VW UP-Peugeot 208

Canbus LED Daytime Running LightsT20 W21/5w, exclusively designed for VW UP-Peugeot 208

For some cars its really hard to replace the standard halogen lights with LED lights. Board comupters give errors, the lights start flickering or dont ignite at all. 

These bulbs are specially designed by X-Line for the 'difficult' models like Volkswagen UP, Peugeot 208, Seat Mii and SKODA Citigo. With these bulbs you won't get any onboard error messages.

The package contains 2 bulbs, clear white light.


GP Thunder 7500k H7 55w Xenon Look - cool white

These Xenon Look lights can be placed in the Low Beam, High Beam and Fog Light. When turned on, they have a clear white Xenon effect with a small blue glow. 

€ 19,95 / £ 17,24


Philips Racing Vision 150% H4

Halogen Lights with 150% more light output then standard halogen bulbs. 

€ 21,95 / £ 18,97


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 55W 64193NBL-HCB

Halogen bulb voor Low Beam or High Beam with 130% more light output. Color temperature of 4300k. Contains 2 bulbs

€ 21,95 / £ 18,97


OSRAM LEDriving XENARC GOLF 6 Black Edition

These headlight units are produced bij Osram and are full LED. They produce up to 70% more light and 40% whiter light then original bulbs. 

They fit in every Golf 6, Plug 'n Play so no adjustments needed.

Price is for 2 units; left and right

€ 849 / £ 734